NEET JEE Coaching

Regular and Vacation programs in line with CBSE. Highly refined study materials kit prepared and constantly updated with a proven track record. Methodology and techniques developed by experts in these fields for many years. Individual performance evaluation. Remedial programs. Live video sessions by experts.

Skill development for students from 9th to 12th

Well experienced & Qualified Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry faculty members to ensure aspirants are well prepared in all the necessary subjects to face the Engineering entrance exams confidently.

➤ Unique Test Preparation Tool to Improved Results Quickly

Bringing together Students, Parents, Teachers and Principals to work towards the Common Goal….Excellence! The best teacher assistant tool of the day.

School/home-based testing at the end of every chapter. Actionable reports to guide students, parents and teachers. Assured improvements with corrective action by stakeholders. A wonderful tool to gauge student skills on an ongoing basis. The excellent question bank will help students and Parents in identifying student weaknesses in each topic. Teacher Report and Principal Report will ensure timely remedial action.

Our aim is to equip all aspirants with:

Develop the right attitude and aptitude towards competitive exams like entrance examinations for Engineering and Medicine.

Increase speed and accuracy in arriving at the right answers.

Time Management Skills in gaining subject knowledge as well as in attempting competitive examinations.

Learning APP

We are Providing an Innovative learning management system. A perfect learning APP for students from 1st to 12th. This will enable students to have self-centric learning with help of visual learning aid….! This will provide 2D/3D animated digital content, CBSE solutions, CBSE e-Text book, Online Lab from Class 9-12, Ask your doubts online and much more…

An innovative solution to the Learning Management System which is flexible, scalable and customized for teachers and students. It is an interface that empowers the school council and streamlines education-related processes. A composite pedestal for schools to enrich their efficiency, quality and edification by providing structured lesson plans, interactive content for all classes, streamlined assignments, augmented managed content, question pool for practice to minimize the workloads of teachers and students. The involved individuals will facilitate time to time with various updating information and features.

It is only BD 13 + VAT

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