Mind Power and Life Management Seminar

The Seminar organized by UGEC (Previous known as Indian Excellent Educational Centre) on ‘Mind Power and Life Management with Colours of Life’ received an overwhelming response from different groups. The Seminar was conducted by Certified Mind Trainer and Life Coach, Crawford Wilson D’Souza, a Motivational Speaker & Corporate Coach. He is also the author of the book titled “Life Management with Colours of Life”.

The Seminar hall was over packed with participants from across Bahrain. ‘The seminar was amazing, it definitely helped a lot. I will follow it every day, make a vision in all areas, meditate’ one participant responded. ‘The event I think will probably change my life. Frankly speaking, I used to live a meaningless life, after this seminar, I have created a goal for myself’ another person exclaimed. ’It was such a life-changing experience. I feel like I just woke up to life and I am ready to be the most successful person in the whole world’ said another person after attending the seminar.

It was a day filled with emotion, inspiration, humour and passion. People got to experience eye-opening live demos and picture themselves at their best with unique memory techniques.

Two different workshops were conducted on the following days for school students and for the working people from 9 am at Indian Excellent Educational Centre. Mr Wilson explained how to achieve your goals by programing your mind and how to maintain work, life balance by focusing on different colours of Life, a life-changing concept designed by him.

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