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UniGrad Performing Arts section inaugurated

UniGrad Education Center, Segaya has entered the world of art and music by starting a new wing, UniGrad Acoustics Academy. Mr Job Joseph, a well- known personality in Bahrain in the field of art and music will be leading this division. Job is a professional musician and has been training students for the past 30 years in Bahrain. Under his guidance, many have become adept in playing musical instruments.
The inauguration ceremony started with the lighting of the lamp by the chairman and Managing Director of UniGrad Acoustics Academy Mr JP Menon and Mrs Suja Jayaprakash Menon. Famous Indian playback singer Madhu Balakrishnan officially inaugurated the Academy. The inaugural ceremony ended by felicitation speech by Mr Boban Idiculla and vote of thanks by Job Joseph (Director of the Acoustics).
It is a platform for uniting into the world of art and music. The various programs we offer at UniGrad are Guitar, Violin, Keyboard, Drums, Tabla, Vocal Western, Vocal Classical, Western Dance, Classical Dance and Zumba.
Music brings peace and happiness to the mind and soul. Especially in these days of the pandemic, it is essential to enable children and adults to develop skills that would make them emotionally stable and strong. This will help them face difficult situations without losing their calm and bear with the isolation they have to endure, during this period of social distancing. Keeping this in mind, UniGrad has started the ‘music’ wing, so that aspirants get an opportunity to practice musical instruments that would help them utilize and enjoy their free time, in a fruitful manner.

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