Chairman’s Message

Achievements have value only when they contribute to the betterment of society. JP Group aims the develop societies through its services/activities/programs to empower the people of the Middle East region.

  • Dignity: We believe in treating each other and our customers with dignity, trust, and respect; we as an organization, in turn, would be treated with dignity.
  • Openness and Transparency: We are open and transparent in our dealings and treatment of our employees and customers. We believe long-term relationships are built and nurtured through openness and transparency in our actions and dealings.
  • Integrity in all our actions: As a Group and as individuals representing the Group, we are governed by integrity, both financially and professionally. We take ownership of what we do and ensure our commitment to the institution, by leaving behind something better than what was handed over to us.
  • Commitment: We are committed in all our actions- to the institution that we represent, our customers, our employees, and to society.
  • One Family: In all that we do, we act as “One Family”, with teamwork and loyalty to the institution; defining and differentiating us in the marketplace

Our ‘Coral Training Center’ in Um-Al-Hassam conducts Vocational Training and various courses related to logistics, especially on dangerous goods movement.

Our mission is noble. We faced many hurdles in this journey but with god’s grace, we could overcome them and are spreading our wings to soar high.

We should always remember:
Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man.
All power is within you; You can do anything and everything.
Arise, Awake, and Stop not till the goal is reached.

May God Bless all…

JP Menon

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