Logo Representation

There is a concept behind our Logo & colour. This is created & designed by Zainul Abid, Designer, Best in India & Bahrain in the Publishing world.

Guiding light

The logo resembles the top view of a lighthouse. The Kingdom of Bahrain, with its rich heritage and resources, symbolises a beacon of prosperity before the international community. Likewise, Uni Grad serves as a guiding light to students across the globe.

Archery target

The logo also represents the target of archery where arrows are shot at. Uni Grad is the perfect shot for a student who aims at quality higher studies.


The letters U and G from the alphabet, the first letters in the words Uni and Grad, are aesthetically represented in the logo without being glaringly evident


An institution that draws the attention of global students for graduation with its quality academics and facilities, what best icon that a globe to encapsulate the whole idea and mission of Uni Grad!

Colour: Aqua Blue

The colour of the ocean, where life is believed to have originated, aqua blue denotes the quality, unity in diversity, and deep endless riches, the features Uni Grad stands for.

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