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• Guitar
• Violin
• Keyboard
• Drum
• Western Music
• Classical Music
• Western Dance
• Classical Dance
• Zumba Dance

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New beginnings in life are always filled with hope and when it comes to music the essence of pleasure and peace of mind is far beyond the expectations…

You’ve finally found the courage to step toward a career you always dreamed of dashing. Now you are learning to respect yourself and your own limits and become the best version of yourself as much possible. You just feel like pressing a “restart” button and getting back on track and this could be your first step to achieve your dream.

Whatever the case, it’s a new day and a new you, and you deserve killer music to keep you motivated and remind yourself that these changes are a good thing. In that case, we’ve put together all our efforts to take you to achieve your goals in the music world.

Come and experience with the masters of Music in UniGrad Acoustics Music Academy

Each student will be assigned to a single instrument with headphones and there is no overcrowding of session.

Guitar Class Room
Keyboard Class Room
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